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JULY 13-14, 2023



When the RCA House Conference and the House Academy Conference combine, you get House Con 2022, the ultimate House Conference of the Year! Join us for an immersive, informative and power-packed event that will set your school’s house system on fire! At House Con 2022, educators and administrators from schools around the world will come together for an incredible three-day experience where they will learn how to enhance their school’s house system!

This PD is an interactive, immersive learning experience where you will observe classes and participate in dynamic workshops that will teach you how create a House System that will transform your school environment, create a sense of belonging for your students and families, ignite a passion for learning, provide meaningful support, encourage academic excellence, foster authentic relationships, encourage parental involvement, and ensure a climate and culture where all students and staff thrive .

The climate and culture of a school is something that one can feel upon entering the building, and when you attend House Con 2022, you are able to witness it firsthand in a very tangible way. By attending our PD while engaging with both our staff and students, you will have the opportunity to experience our techniques at a deeper level than other PD experiences.

JULY 13-14, 2023