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In order to view and download the

high-resolution House assets, you must

sign the RCA House System Pledge.

After signing, you will receive a password to download the files, as well as a link to download a PDF of the pledge.

As a partner member of the RCA House System, we, (name of school), commit to following the guidelines specified below:

  1. The House System will be used to promote character, academic success, school spirit, a family atmosphere, and a culture of excellence in our school.

  2. The House System will be used as a way to uplift and inspire all students. At no time will houses be allowed to put down others or make disparaging remarks about other houses in cruel, unkind, or demeaning ways.

  3. Students will be sorted into houses in a random manner; students will not be sorted by academic, behavioral, or other labeling guidelines.

  4. Systems will be put into place to ensure that house points are awarded fairly and that point inflation does not occur. House points that are earned shall never be taken away.

  5. The history and meaning of each house will be taught to our students each year.

  6. Any use of house names, crests, images, colors, and logos shall follow the Ron Clark Academy’s guidelines. House names, colors, crests, etc. may not be altered in wording or appearance in any way. For example, Rêveur is a blue house and should never be orange. With questions about exceptions and guidelines, we will contact the RCA staff.

  7. Any production of items or images with the RCA house trademarked property will be approved by the Ron Clark Academy in advance. All logo / house usage will comply with RCA standards and guidelines specified in the House History Guidelines. House merchandise will not be re-sold for profit unless it is purchase from the RCA warehouse and is only sold to students and their families as part of a school fundraiser.

  8. The assets provided to our school will not be given or transferred to other schools or entities. Schools and organizations will have to contact RCA directly in order to access this information.

For questions about the guidelines, email


The Ron Clark Academy House System Pledge
Where will you be using the House System?
If "Other," please explain.
If you are a school in the United States, what grades will be participating in the House System?
How many Houses are you using?
What are the names (and colors) of your Houses?
May we contact you by email?
Have you been to the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia?
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